What I AM

Hitesh Thakkar

By Nature, by visionary
By Training, MBA and Business Expert
By Popular perception, an inspirational leader and Social Activist. 

Hitesh Thakkar, born in Radhanpur, a cultural hotspot of North Gujarat, and brought up at Ahmedabad, the financial capital of Gujarat, India, on a splendid Cold day of December 21 ‘83, claims to have created this informative blog as a medium for expressing his random thoughts and idle musings. A true Sagittarian and dedicated Mavericks to the core, Hitesh believes that he is a perfectionist, systematic and an intricate planner, while being fecundly intuitive and passionately creative at the same time. He always used to coined “I believe I can fly” (which sometimes smacks of overconfidence and smartassedness. Also note that he wrote this phrase long before he heard the English song…).
Hitesh has seen his life from bottleneck environment to top of mountains and according to him this just beginning he has certain more ambitious to see him self ahead this. This all gives his ability and truly passionate leadership quality.