What I Do

Hitesh passed out his school from ordinary school named “C B Gandhi Nutan High School Palanpur”, was also most popular leader during his school time. Always seems as an innovator about the ideas. He himself has explored and decided about his road map of career. He came in Ahmedabad in 2000(a Y2K Year), got his self admitted to most colorful course of BBA @ Som-Lalit collage. He simply grabbed the heart of people around there. He established his network and relationship, which proved his self about his ability. And till 2005 he has started his own business on having background of his network. He explored himself into education area, which is most likely passionate job to do more to that he has managed many such events for product promotions which inspired him to pursued Master of Business Administration. He did his MBA from S.K School of Business Management, Patan, North Gujarat. He has done specialization this degree in area of Marketing. He did many such curriculum project from that he understood about taste and philosophy of North Gujarat’s people, which help him for his sales Career.
Hitesh lives with his uber-awesome companion in their cute little apartment in west downtown Ahmedabad. Hitesh dismisses the idea of single tasking and calls it inefficient. “Life is too short to do one thing at a time. All activities, except recreational sex, are dominated by the use of one or two sensory.